2020 In Person Worship

St. Luke has resumed in person worship.  We will have one worship service weekly at 10:30am.  There are several required procedures that we are instituting in order to provide the least risk for gathering as a group. We ask that those who plan to attend any gatherings, including worship, at the church agree to abide by the recommendations for the health of all. Procedure for In House Worship: Entry to the building will be limited to the main front doors. Doors will open approximately 15 minutes before the start of the service. Requirements will include: temperature check via an infrared thermometer, answering a few questions about any symptoms or exposure to Covid-19, a mask covering the nose and mouth, and having their name recorded for the potential of contact tracing. If a person has a fever over 100F, we will ask them to not join us inside for worship. If a person answers ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, they will be asked to not join us inside for worship. They may be given a copy of the bulletin and reminded that virtual worship is available on St. Luke’s YouTube channel. Do you have any new or worsening onset of any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat, chills, body aches, fatigue, headache, loss of taste/smell, eye drainage, congestion? In the last 14 days have you traveled outside your normal, daily routine? Have you or someone in your household been exposed to someone being tested for COVID-19 or who has symptoms compatible with COVID-19? If a person meets the temperature and question requirements, but does not have a mask, one will be provided. Once in the sanctuary, households will be asked to fill from the front of the church to the back in designated, space out areas. Once seated, people may choose to remove their masks; however it is recommended that they remain on throughout the service. Bulletins will be placed in the approved pews prior to the worship service; households may need to share. If a person has reason to get up during the service and when they go to leave, it is requested that masks be put back on. The worship service will be modified to limit time, congregational responses, and singing. We will have some music. People are welcome to hum along, or if so called, to sing ‘lightly’, but they are requested to wear their mask over their nose and mouth. Communion will be offered as the final part of the service. Elements will be pre-packaged, individual servings of wafer and grape juice. As people are leaving the sanctuary via the front door, they may pick up their Communion elements and partake in their car. Pastor Becky will wear a mask and use a face shield throughout the entirety of the worship service. She will lead all of her parts of the service from the pulpit. If we have lectors or worship assistants, we will only have one per service. He or She will be asked to sit near the lectern, either in the transept or the choir loft for the entirety of the service and they will only use the lectern for their speaking parts. When speaking at the lectern they will be asked to wear a mask. If they would like a face shield, one will be available. During the worship service, Air Conditioning will remain off. Prior to the worship service we can pre-cool the sanctuary. Sanctuary and external doors will be propped open to increase airflow and dissipation of potential covid-19 particles. Exiting the building: if people would like to share in Communion, they can pick up the elements on their way out of the main entry doors. Otherwise, people may leave by the West or South doorways. In the parking lot, gathering is discouraged. However, should people want to converse, we ask that they continue to wear their masks. We cannot require them to do so outside of the building.

*Online Worship will also continue to be posted on the St. Luke Centre Hall YouTube page for those not comfortable meeting in person at this time.